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A Modern Way of Gathering Information

Our concept came to light when a group of individuals set out to archive the recent history of Beirut and Lebanon. We illustrate history by publishing online archives in a reformed manner. The greater motive of our initiative is to raise awareness of a rich history and culture that is diminishing to extinction. Archive Lebanon aims to provide the richest of information in a brief, concise and thorough form. We try to give material that is comprehensible and fun to read. 


Enjoy an Emporium of Archives

Archive Lebanon allows the audience to access its information through various mechanisms. Archive Beirut provides insights on the history of Beirut in particular. One could simply access the Beirut Archive Index and dive into the centuries of Beirut's past. Others could review very specific information through the Expanded Encyclopedia by clicking on the relevant 'red links' within our content. Different options grant different ways of preferential research such as that of The Gallery, which lays out images to audiences that prefer imagery over reading.